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Technological Plan, comprenhesive and single in the professional trade shows sector

FEINDEF 2021, a benchamark as cutting edge technologies Defence and Security exhibition, will be the first event appling a complete technological plan based on sophisticated system of artificial intelligence, always following the current regulations from Health authorities regarding professional visitors, VIPs and international official delegations.

Grupo Metalia, through Bsafe (Business Safe Event) seal, will implement the real-time control of the capacity, the use of face-masks, the corporal temperature and will track the movements, indoor and outdoor, of international delegations during the celebration of the exbihition along the days 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, 2021.


  • Continuous counting of the capacity in all the FEINDEF facilities.
  • Checking of personal prevention measurements along all the accesses.


  • Critical assets tracking.
  • Reinforcement of the surveillance of operational and sensitive material in any scale.


  • VIP visits monitoring.
  • Reinforcement of the personal security.
  • Fullfilment of agendas.

FEINDEF 2021 provides the best means for your Security

Just do your business!