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The FEINDEF Conferences offer the opportunity to know and debate about key matters in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and South America, among others, with the aim to promote stabilization and cooperation across nations.

In response to the new European Defence Action Plan, FEINDEF 2021 will host key meetings on defence and security challenges in Europe and adjacent regions, covering partnerships and cooperation in an international context.

November 3rd: “Building a secure future”

  • Master Conference presented by Chief of Defence: “Towards Operating Environment 2035”. Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism roundtable: “The Defence of the Future: Innovation, Technology and Industry”.
  • International Women’s Forum: Women in the Defence and Security environment, future challenges.
  • “Next Generation Weapon System”: Opportunities and challenges for industry.
  • Project 4E: “Essential Elements of European Escorts”.
  • Connected, Sustainable and Smart Air Base (BACSI): “The role of industry and academia”.
  • Incorporating the Democratic Challenge into the 2030 Security Model, international and national panels.
  • EDF/PESCO, an opportunity for European cooperation in Defence R&D.
  • New horizon for Defence and Security RDI – Spanish perspective.
  • Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program.

November 4th: “Driving progress”

  • Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force roundtable: “Future perspective for the Army, Navy and Air Force”. Planning the Future Force.
  • Cybersecurity: “Public-Private collaboration to improve cybersecurity”.
  • New technologies for logistics: Army Logistics Base Technological Project.
  • New technologies for logistics: Digital Transformation – Digital Twins.
  • PESCO project: European Patrol Corvette (EPC) “National vessel concept”.
  • General Directorate for Armament and Materiel (DGAM) and Armed Forces roundtable: Defence Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and requirements.
  • Defence and Security Innovation Brokerage (DSiB).
  • The growing role of remotely manned systems in Defence and Security. Requirements and solutions.
  • The transformation of Space.
  • Funds allocated to the development of innovation projects.
  • Airworthiness certification in the European and FAA environment.

November 5th: “Enhancing the supply chain”

  • Operational Military Healthcare.
  • Advanced instruction and training of fighter pilots.
  • The Brigade, an integrated combat system.
  • Dual programmes “Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) collaboration with Defence and Interior”.
  • Dual programmes “Horizon Europe – Civil security for society”.
  • The Defence sector supply chain.
  • 250th anniversary: The Navy Corps of Engineers as a driving force of innovation in shipbuilding. Achievements and challenges.
  • Forum 2E+I Force 35.

*Programme subject to change.

The conferences will be developed around the most demanding security challenges that nations and the Defence and Security Forces face, and how they can develop and deploy emerging technologies to achieve and maintain a competitive security technological advantage.

More information: marketing@feindef.com