- Deadline for submitting the Projects Proposal: March 25th - Extended to April 26th -
- Publication of finalists: April 22th - Extended to May 9th -

Dear colleague,

One of FEINDEF’s main goals is to bring the Defense and Security Industry near to citizens. One of the reasons, besides the obvious benefit of a safer society thanks to a well trained and equipped Armed Forces and State Security Forces and Corps, is the fact that technologies have a role in the improvement of the daily life of people as a result of the increasing dual-use of most of its developments; its contribution to the wealth of the nations in terms of economic activity, to the workforce market as a generator of quality, stable and high added value employment and to the advancement of research and innovation. But, most of all, to the future of the European construction, at a time when the European Union is firmly committed to a common defense.

In this context, Europe believes that the Industry is an essential part of its Defence Policy. This position was materialized with the setting up, on November 2016, of a European Defence Action Plan with the aim of undertaking a more efficient spending on the defense of the member States, ensuring an integrated and competitive industrial and technological European base, economic growth, employment and innovation.

The new European Defence Action Plan (EDAP) foresees direct funding for the Defence Sector for the execution of joint research actions in innovative and strategic defense technologies. It is to be implemented in two phases:

• An initial period 2017-2019, through the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) with the aim of proving the feasibility of a future European Defence Research Programme and to test the main aspects required for its implementation.
• A second phase, to be developed in the years 2021-2027, that will be implemented in this context through the “research actions” of the European Defence Fund (EDF), a new EU program that will aim at promoting competitiveness, efficiency and the innovation capability of the European Defence Industry.

This initiative is an unprecedented and unique opportunity for the industry to increase its technological capacity and competitiveness by participating in R&D multinational collaboration programmes thus reinforcing the European industrial fabric.

Therefore, the associations TEDAE and AESMIDE, under the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and with the collaboration of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III and INTA are organizing, within the framework of FEINDEF, the

- DSiB -

That will take place on

May 30th 2019

With the aim of promoting innovation in the fields of Defence and Security, with particular emphasis on dual-use technologies, within the framework of the following areas:

• Preparation, protection, deployment and sustainability.
• Management and superiority of information and command, control, communication, IT, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cyberdefence and cybersecurity.
• Intervention and effectors.
• Disruptive tecnologies.
• Basic research.

The aim of the event is the support, by connecting industry and end users with the academic world and other research organizations, within an open frame of exchange of ideas, mutual knowledge and the exchange of technological information. This will be the starting point for the preparation of possible proposals for projects or to find potential partners in order to participate in consortia.

Thus, the DSiB will provide you with the opportunity to:

• Present and introduce your idea of a project or technology to an audience of end-users, companies and public research organizations.
• Discover the opportunities that the EU brings in terms of funding for Research on Defence and Security.
• Meet potential partners to participate both in European and national consortia or to address bilateral or multilateral projects.

How is DSiB going to be?

The event will take place in two sessions, morning and evening, under the format of brokerage.

• Morning session: Round table on the European Defence Fund and Financing within the new European Defence Market followed by the presentations of the selected Proposals for Projects or Technologies (see how to participate) by Public Research Organizations and by companies/entrepreneurs, with a maximum number of 20 presentations.
• Evening session: Round table on The Technological Knowledge in the European Defence Fund, followed by the presentations of the selected Proposals for Projects or Technologies (see how to participate), by Public Research Organizations and companies/entrepreneurs, with a maximum number of 20 presentations.


Each presentation will have an allocated time of three minutes and is to be submitted in PowerPoint format. The template can be downloaded at the moment of registration.

How to participate in the presentation sessions?

On the DSiB website you will find all the information that you may require in order to participate and to confirm your attendance. You may also be able to follow the contributions of the rest of the participants in order to maximize the efficiency of the workshop. The programme and its updates can also be seen there.

You are invited to access the webpage and to register in the following LINK.

See you there!

Selection of Presentations

If you are interested in submitting a project or technology you can do it through the Collaborative Tool. Each proposal of project to be presented will include a presentation up to a maximum of three slides (see model in TOOL) and an abstract (4000 characters maximum).

Once the deadline for the submission of candidacies has passed, these will be evaluated and the finalist works list will be published to be presented during DSiB.

The selected candidates will be invited to prepare a Roll-Up for the presentation session.

More information on the Collaborative Tool.

Call deadlines

- Launching of calls: February 15th
- Deadline for submitting the Projects Proposal: March 25th - Extended to April 26th -
- Publication of finalists: April 22th - Extended to May 9th -


- English. (All documents shall be submitted in English)

Recognitions and awards

The organization will distinguish three of the works with three awards (€1,500, €1,000 and €500) that will be presented at the end of the event. Every proposal will receive a diploma for the project presented. A compilation document with information on the selected projects will be published for distribution at the FEINDEF press room, through media and at the event’s website.