John Cockerill Defense España SL offers European solutions of mature and operating weapon systems to equip the armies of tomorrow. 

The strengths of its offer, for the Spanish Dragon programme, among others, are:

• A "tailor-made" production line, tested, installed and certified, capable of being deployed in Spain in four months and producing up to one turret per day.
• A Spanish supply chain: active in Spain for many years, the Group has developed a network of certified Spanish suppliers.
• A modular turret in service whose single hull can accommodate cannons from 30mm to 105mm and can be manned or unmanned.
• A training/simulation capacity in our own facilities or at the customer's premises.
• Our own innovative capacity which already counts Spanish associations in different projects.
• A support during the whole life cycle thanks to, among others, the 4.0 maintenance.

John Cockerill Defense Spain's commitment is not only to support the Spanish army of tomorrow, but also to contribute to the enrichment of the Spanish industrial fabric and, more broadly, to work toward a reliable and sustainable long-term Spanish and European defense industry.