DAS Photonics

DAS Photonics provide a full range of Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions both for Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Attack (EA), with form factors for Land, Naval or Airborne applications. Our portfolio includes Electronic Warfare Operating Support (EWOS) Software and CESMO standard implementation for full interoperability.

R-ESM/ELINT includes instantaneous bandwidth of 40 GHz ensuring a true 100% POI, 360º coverage and 1º accuracy in Direction Finding 
C-ESM/COMINT solution monitors from 20 to 6,000 MHz. GSM interceptor is also available.
• R-ECM, Radar Deception and Jamming system, provides Multithread Jamming Capability with a short latency time (ns).
C-ECM, Follower Jammer, includes 20–6,000 MHz Frequency Hopping monitoring (up to 2,000 jumps/second) with a reaction time of lower than 100 µseconds.

DAS competitive advantage is given by the intrinsic features of photonics, beating electronics by far in terms of Bandwidth, Size, Weight and Power consumption (SWaP).