CENSUS is an internationally acclaimed Cybersecurity services provider offering high-quality services. Through cutting-edge IT and OT security research, CENSUS delivers state-of-the-art services supporting the needs of public and private organizations worldwide, including defence primes, system integrators, and intelligence & defence agencies.

CENSUS services include IT & OT Security Assessments, Security by Design, Product Security, Secure Systems Development Lifecycle, Threat Modelling, and Vulnerability Research. Built upon its leading research, CENSUS provides high quality InfoSec services for embedded systems, PLCs & SCADA Systems, RTOs and hardware components.

CENSUS uses the latest attack techniques along with the results of its in-house vulnerability research to identify common and acknowledged vulnerabilities and distinguish the possibilities of zero-day attacks. The scope of the tests is not limited, only to hardware and software resources, but also includes all aspects of the organizational structure, such as processes and human resources.