ATL Europa

ATL EUROPA is the brand name of Advanced Telecommunications Lambda Europa S.A, a Spanish Engineer company, specialized in radiofrequency and microwave. Since 1991, its main activity has been the design, development and manufacturing of solutions for military and industrial communications, direction finding and countermeasure systems through RF jamming.

• RF systems
• Rugged antennas
• Power amplifiers
• RF Matrix Switch 
• Frequency jamming (whole band, window frequency jamming)
• High Speed diversity RF Switch 
• Combiners
• Filters
• Certified measured cables 

ATL Europa provides check-up technical services, refurbishment and repair services for RF systems and antennas.

ATL Europa´s long experience in the telecommunications sector, guarantees the success of those projects handling RF solutions that escape the standard requirements. We have full capacity to fulfill the needs of the military, naval, industrial and aerospace industry; with reliable and robust products.