AbraResist, S.L. is the official distributor of Runflat International Ltd in Spain. Runflat International Ltd is a british company with a wide range of products for the protection pneumatic tyred wheels on armoured vehicles, including:

• Tyre safety inserts made from a specially designed polymer capable of withstanding the impact of bullets without shattering, even at extreme low temperatures. These inserts are custom designed to suit the wheel and tyre combination and the performance required in runflat mode. The inserts can be easily and quickly fitted in any normal tyre fitting workshop. There are models available for single piece, two piece and three piece wheels as used on cars, vans, trucks and military vehicles.
• Special wheels, alloy or steel, for armoured vehicles of all kinds.
• Complete wheel, tyre and safety insert assemblies, ready for fitting to any vehicle.
• Beadlock – an insert to fix a tyre firmly to its wheel for vehicles circulating on soft terrains.