Alén Space is a developer and manufacturer of small reconfigurable satellites focused on providing end-to-end solutions. Including our state-of-the-art hardware and software in a comprehensive turnkey service that goes from design to in-orbit operation of the satellites.

Our satellites allow the deployment of new capabilities to obtain information or enable communications from Space, in the most agile, reliable and cost-efficient way.

The satellites can be grouped into constellations to provide backup, redundancy (resiliency) and granularity to the services they enable. Thanks to our technology, these services can be reconfigured or upgraded in-orbit in order to respond to the changing needs of Security and Defense.

The main applications currently available are:

• Communications
• Asset tracking (ships and planes)
• Spectrum Monitoring
• Earth Observation

Given our specialization, new applications can be developed according to the needs of each client. 


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  • Country: España
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