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The Army- Companies Forum 2021

The Army- Companies Forum 2021


The Army-Companies Forum (F2E+I) is scheduled this year for October 6th and 7th at the ACINF facilities and the Army Museum in Toledo. As a consequence of the health crisis uncertainty that still prevails in the country, the event has chosen to have both a face-to-face and online transmission.

The Forum, led by MALE and organized by the FME, has positioned itself for the past three years (May 2018, October 2019 and November 2020), as a space that pursues to promote the technological development required by the concept Fuerza 35.

Another main objective is to align the present and future possibilities and capabilities of the company and the university with the needs of the Army. Equally, the event favors the strengthening of the “Culture of Defense” in Spain.

This forum represents an important commitment by the Army to make a necessary leap to a more complete range of technological advances that include autonomous robotic systems, self-drive vehicles, artificial intelligence logistics 4.0 or 5G technology.

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