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The Ministry of Defense increases its budget by 7.87%

The Ministry of Defense increases its budget by 7.87%


According to the draft General State Budget (PGE) approved this Thursday by the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Defense will have a budget of 10,152 million euros in 2022, an increase of 7.87% over the previous year.

For the next fiscal year, 2,342 million will be allocated to the pending payment of the special armament programs and 7,068 million to the other expenses charged to the Ministry. The budget for armament programs grew by 21.6%, while spending by the rest of the Ministry grew by 3.4%.

The Department headed by Margarita Robles, includes 25 million euros corresponding to the European funds allocated to Spain by the EU. Last year, the Spanish Minister of Defense assured that the budgets were aimed at the network of military hospitals and the living conditions of the members of the Armed Forces, as well as investments in children's schools or improvements in communication networks abroad.

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