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Austria presents technologies at FEINDEF to establish partnerships and develop joint capabilities

Austria presents technologies at FEINDEF to establish partnerships and develop joint capabilities


Eight leading technology companies in the sector were present

Austria was part of the international presence at the second edition of the Security and Defense Technologies Fair, FEINDEF. The representation consisted of the Austrian Security & Defence Industry Group (WKO) and eight companies from the security and defense sector: Anton Paar, AVL List, EGSTON Power Electronics, Empl Fahrzeugtechnik, MCE, Sicurtec Laminatglastechnik, Steyr Arms and Stromkind.

With the aim of seeking partners to develop joint projects and establish specific partnerships with Spanish companies, the Austrian firms will participate in conferences and offer demonstrations of their products and services at the initiative of the Commercial Office of the Austrian Embassy (Advantage Austria). The Secretary of State for Defense, Esperanza Casteleiro, visited the stand and held a meeting with the Austrian Ambassador, Christian Ebner.

The exhibits presented range from special vehicles, weapons and ammunition, autonomous land, sea and air systems, high-security glass, autonomous driving, propulsion systems (hybrids, combustion engines, gearboxes, electric drive, batteries, fuel cells and control technology), digital power amplification systems, complex steel structures and steel construction facilities for industry and infrastructure as well as information and communication technologies.

Ernst Kopp, Austrian Commercial Counselor in Spain, has declared that "our presence at FEINDEF is the manifestation of an interest in the Spanish reality and the development of joint capabilities. The companies coming from Austria to this second edition are recognized for their dynamism, cutting-edge technology and ability to adapt to the needs of their customers, three necessary ingredients to achieve partnerships and address the future opportunities of the European defense industry". The security and defense sector in Austria is made up of more than 100 companies generating annual sales of 2.5 billion euros and employing 32,000 direct and indirect employees. Referring to the exhibiting companies, Councilor Kopp states that "technological leadership, customer focus, an excellent level of quality and the ability to provide innovative and customized solutions, represent the made in Austria and the foundation of the global competitiveness of Austrian companies in a sector as strategic as the Defense sector".

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