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Skylife participates in the presentation of remote assistance with augmented reality of Navantia at FEINDEF

Skylife participates in the presentation of remote assistance with augmented reality of Navantia at FEINDEF


The Andalusian technology-based company also collaborates in the presentation of a project for the launch of satellites

The Andalusian company Skylife Engineering, located in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (Seville), has presented at the International Defense and Security Fair Feindef, held at IFEMA (Madrid), the results of its collaboration with Navantia for the development of remote technical assistance of operating personnel through augmented reality.

The remote assistance system developed by Navantia, in collaboration with Skylife, allows to guide the team working in technically complex operations without the need of displacement and with the maximum safety guarantees. The augmented reality ensures efficiency in the virtual advice, while facilitating a positive experience for the users, as it helps to visualize with the digital assistant the steps that need to be taken in each operation to obtain optimal results.

In this sense, the Skylife Engineering team that has been present at IFEMA during the celebration of the Fair has performed live demonstrations of the telecare application at the stand of Navantia, a leading company and reference in the defense sector in Spain and the world. The people who came to try this system have verified, after putting on augmented reality glasses, how a person can carry out maintenance tasks while receiving remote instructions from a specialist.

On the other hand, the Andalusian company has participated in the presentation of PILUM, a project in which it collaborates and which is aimed at researching and developing technologies for cost savings in the launching of microsatellites and nanosatellites from an aerial platform to low orbits (below 500 kilometers). The project focuses primarily on research into launcher aerodynamics.

The actions within the framework of this initiative include the design of the vehicle's power distribution and control system. In this sense, it includes the monitoring of the state and charge management of the batteries.

PILUM is financed through the CIEN Call of the Spanish Government's Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and is developed by a consortium led by Escribano Mechanical and Engineering with Skylife and Sener as partners. It is part of a larger project for the development of the complete launcher that will be executed under the technical direction and budget of the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA).

Skylife representatives in Feindef have made a very positive balance of the participation in the fair, where more than 60 international delegations have gathered. Feindef is an international event of reference on defense and security, which aims to showcase innovation in these areas and promote collaboration between companies, universities and other organizations. In this way, it aims to promote a global response to the needs of the sector.

Skylife Engineering S.L. is a technology-based company that develops innovation with a high specialization in aerospace engineering applied both to the aviation industry and other sectors, such as energy, health or education. It is an Andalusian company whose clients include large multinationals around the world, for which it develops both software and hardware.

More information at www.skylife-eng.com

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