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Women grow by 6.5% in the defense sector

Women grow by 6.5% in the defense sector


Women in the defense sector began their history three decades ago. Initially there were only 23 military women in the Armed Forces, today there are about 16,000, which represents 12.9% of the total workforce.

In addition, in the last year the number of women entering military academies grew by 6.5%, placing Spain above the average of NATO countries and positioning it, together with the Netherlands, as a reference country in the European Union.

During FEINDEF 21, the importance of equal work between men and women was addressed through forums and conferences, including the International Women's Forum, through which the reality of women not only in the military field but also in industry and institutions was presented.

The role of women is key in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, as well as in the construction and consolidation of peace. Although there is still much to be done, Spain is on the right track and today we can see a very positive evolution of the role of women.

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