An everyday vision of Defence
  • 3/28/2019

An everyday vision of Defence

Illustrator José Manuel Esteban, a very well-known cartoonist in the Spanish publishing world thanks to his comic strips, has agreed to collaborate with the organisation of the International Defence and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF) by producing a series of comic strips that provide a fresh and informal look at the often invisible presence of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Bodies in our daily lives.
Every week in his section, “En Otras Palabras…” (“In Other Words...”), the cartoonist, more well known as Esteban, will show everyday subjects such as women in the military, the importance of research and university in the design of dual technologies and the peace of mind we feel when the Security Forces and Agencies are with us.
Through his simple but highly evocative drawings, he shows the importance of these forces at critical times, such as natural disasters, forest fires or rescues, and their important role in the defence of our democracy, meaning the defence of our freedom.
The presence of Spanish military personnel on peacekeeping operations in remote places is another of Esteban’s favourite subjects for showing this essential role played by the Armed Forces, which is often overlooked by society.
The collection of cartoons forms a part of FEINDEF’s communications, and it will occupy a notable place in the Exhibition that will be held in Madrid during the last week of May.