Employment after serving in the Armed Forces, discussed at FEINDEF
  • 4/12/2019

Employment after serving in the Armed Forces, discussed at FEINDEF

The International Defence and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF) will include, among its agenda of activities, a forum related to the employment of professionals who end their period of service in the Armed Forces. The Employment Forum is directed both at "Special Availability Reservists" (RED), armed forces personnel who, at the age of 45, end their contractual relationship with the Armed Forces, and at the heads of Human Resources (HR) of firms.
It will be a practical forum, thereby informing companies about the advantages of hiring professionals in this situation and informing reservists about the options available to them after leaving the Armed Forces.
Within the framework of this forum, the FEINDEF will announce the Ministry of Defence’s "Integrated Occupational Orientation Plan", whereby the Ministry has designed, developed and executed a single framework for supporting personnel who would like to begin a project apart from their military career or who have ended their service relationship with the Armed Forces.
The Director General of Recruiting and Occupational Orientation of the Ministry of Defence will explain the plan in detail on 29 May.
Subsequently, qualified representatives of military personnel and companies with experience hiring this group will take part in a discussion on the topic.
At the same time, various complementary activities will take place at the Ministry of Defence’s stand for announcing measures contained in the Integrated Plan. Notably, these activities include personalised encounters between spokespersons of the Ministry and companies, thereby encouraging them to join as collaborators of the Integrated Plan, in addition to interviews between the HR managers of companies and reservists of special availability in search of employment.
In this same space, sector-specific conferences for limited audiences will be organised, in addition to speeches by representatives of the Army, Air Force and Navy, which will be used to explain specific training that could be of interest to companies.

Regarding Special Availability Reservists/b>
Act 8/2006, on Armed Forces Personnel, stipulates that military personnel who have run out their long-term commitment and have not become permanent personnel of the Armed Forces must leave the military service.
About 50,000 military personnel will have to leave the Armed Forces between 2019 and 2036, with nearly one thousand leaving in 2019 according to the Ministry of Defence’s estimates. Despite ending their contractual relationship with the military world, these reservists receive 7,200 euros annually, which is compatible with working as a civilian.
To help these military personnel enter civil occupations, the Ministry of Defence will give 120 courses at various military posts throughout Spain this year, meaning 48 courses more than last year, and it has signed an agreement with the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to boost their search for employment.

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