Innovation as a growth vector
  • 5/21/2019

Innovation as a growth vector

The organizers of FEINDEF aware that innovation is one of the engines of the Defense and Security industry, called Public Innovation Bodies (IPO), entrepreneurs, companies and users to a Defence & Security innovation Brokerage (DSiB).

After months of receiving projects, the DSiB organization has selected 20 projects, 10 belonging to IPOs and 10 from companies in the sector. Among the projects there are initiatives related to the development of UAV, also elements to improve the quality of life of the combatant or projects related to infrared technologies, improvements in the use of materials or dedicated to improving the security of communications.

These 20 projects will be presented during the morning of Thursday 30 May and the attendees will be able to exchange opinions and deepen in those initiatives of their interest.
The Forum is completed with a round table that will be moderated by the Deputy Director General of PLATIN GD José Luis Murga.

To finish the DSiB, prizes will be awarded to the three best projects and all participants will receive a diploma.