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EU cooperation on security and defence

EU cooperation on security and defence


In recent years, the European Union has intensified its efforts for cooperation in security and defense matters. At the Bratislava summit at the end of 2016, the EU decided to strengthen the internal cooperation on external security and defense through the European Defence Action Plan (EDAP). This plan is based on three pillars:

• The creation of a European Defence Fund
• The promotion of investments in the defence industry
• The reinforcement of a Single Market for defence

Actions such as an annual coordinated defence review or the reinforcement of the crisis response toolbox are intended to strengthen the EU's ability to react more quickly, more effectively and with greater coherence.

In this regard, the European Defence Agency (EDA) plays a central role in supporting European defence cooperation projects and providing a forum for European defence ministers.

Following the EU guidelines, FEINDEF has become a reference forum with the aim of innovating, cooperating internationally and sharing knowledge among companies, institutions, universities and other organizations, as a global response to Security.

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