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Córdoba will be the location for the new Army Logistics Base

Córdoba will be the location for the new Army Logistics Base


The Ministry of Defense has selected Córdoba as the location for the headquarters of the new Army Logistics Base. It has been chosen among more than 15 towns and cities nationwide due to its geostrategic position.

The City Council offers two plots of land nearby the city, which between them cover almost half a million hectares. The objective is to centralize in a single location the several bases that are currently spread over various provinces.

The Ministry of Defense indicates that "it will contribute to an integral military logistics optimization at the highest level that will be an important driver of technology, employment generation and R&D&I for the region".

This project has a sustainability policy linked to the use of residues and energy efficiencies that will reduce the environmental impacts of its construction. The new Army Logistics Base will be an important impulse for the area with the generation of more than 1,600 work positions, most of them for civil personnel.

The strategic lines of territorial cohesion, employment generation and investment in R&D&I are the main objectives of this project, objectives that are shared by the FEINDEF Foundation.

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