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SENER Aerospace's contribution to Perseverance's success

SENER Aerospace's contribution to Perseverance's success


At 21:55 on the 18th of February night, the Perseverance rover landed on Mars. The mission, which was followed live on the NASA website, was a complete success. A success with Spanish involvement.

SENER Aerospace, a distinguished exhibitor at FEINDEF, has carried out the design, manufacture, verification and integration of the High Gain Antenna Pointing Mechanism (HGAG) in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space.

The importance of this technology is crucial as it allows direct two-way communication between Perseverance and the Earth tracking facilities.

The collaboration of the Spanish company SENER Aerospace in this type of projects is not new, as they have already participated in the Curiosity rover mission with this same technology. In addition, the company has been responsible for the support system during the launch and the subsequent deployment of the antenna during the operation phase on the red planet.

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