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Navantia floats the S-81 Isaac Peral, first 100% spanish submarine

Navantia floats the S-81 Isaac Peral, first 100% spanish submarine


Navantia, FEINDEF's Global Partner, will launch today the S-81 Isaac Peral, the first submarine designed and built entirely in Spain. The submarine will employ 6,000 people, contributing approximately 250 million euros to the national economy.

The launch presentation ceremony, presided over by H.M. the King, will take place today, April 22, at the Cartagena shipyard in the presence of the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and important defense personalities, in addition to H.M. the Princess of Asturias as godmother.

The S-81, which will bear the name Isaac Peral in honor of the Spanish inventor of the torpedo submarine, is intended to enhance the strategic independence of national defense and to project, at international level, the Spanish manufacturing industry, thus entering the exclusive group of countries that can manufacture a complete submarine.

The S-80 program represents for Navantia the greatest technological and industrial challenge for the defense sector of our country, being able to build in Spain with its own design. Among its contributions in terms of technology, Navantia Sistemas, a combat and control system for the platform, and its anaerobic propulsion system BEST-AIP, which achieves a stealthy immersion, stand out. This system is the main attribute of the submarine, as it will allow it to remain for weeks without leaving periscopic level, being the most advanced non-nuclear submarine in the world, built entirely in Spain.

The manufacture of the four submersibles in the S-80 program involves 19.9 million man-hours and 6.6 million engineering hours.

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