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Airbus makes the 100th A400M delivery from Seville

Airbus makes the 100th A400M delivery from Seville


Airbus, a leading European company in the aerospace sector and a prominent exhibitor at FEINDEF 2021, has reached one hundred deliveries of the A400M aircraft, a state-of-the-art military transport aircraft whose assembly is carried out at the company's Final Assembly Line in Seville.

The A400M is a widely used model by the Spanish Air Force, which has ten of them. The worldwide fleet of A400Ms reached the milestone of 100,000 hours flown in missions around the world for eight different nations.

A major task performed by this aircraft is in-flight helicopter refueling in coordination with the French DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement), including the first simultaneous refueling of two helicopters.

Many nations have used the Airbus A400M intensively during the Covid-19 health crisis in civil evacuation and health care emergency missions.

Meanwhile, Airbus has had a prominent presence at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings (ADM) held these days in Seville, where the most relevant companies in the aerospace sector gather in a semipresential format.

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