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ECySAP Project: European Cyberdefense led by Indra

ECySAP Project: European Cyberdefense led by Indra


Indra, FEINDEF's Ecosystem Partner, will lead the ECySAP Project (European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform), the biggest European cyber defense project until now.

The Spanish company will work in partnership with several companies from French, Italian and Estonian industry developing cyberspace defense solutions, one of NATO's five defense domains along with Land, Sea, Air and Space.

The ECySAP Project will be financed by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) to fulfill the main objective: the establishment a European platform to facilitate the work of the military staff in cyber missions. In parallel, this platform will reinforce the response capability of European member countries to any cyber threat.

Indra, moreover, has developed Indra Cyber Range, which is one of the most advanced solutions in the market of cybersecurity for the training and instruction for professionals working in this area.

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