Aeromarine is one of the main Integrators of Navigation, Communications, and Software solutions in the maritime and naval sectors, in both Spain and Portugal. Representing the main Makers in this sector, Aeromarine has its own Official Service Support Network, with presence in the main ports of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as its own Technical Office, which is responsible for the design, management, and supervision of Integrated, Value-Added Solutions.

Aeromarine is certified by the corresponding Administrations in Spain and Portugal, and has certified its Quality, Environmental, and Data Protection systems according to ISO 9001, 14001, and 14011. Aeromarine is also authorised by DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register for Inspection of AIS, VDR, GMDSS equipment.


Aeromarine offers the following Products and Services:

  • Integrated Navigation Bridge systems (IBS, INS) for vessels.
  • X- and S-Band Radars for Navigation, Surveillance, and Detection.
  • Integrations between Radars, Combat Management Systems, IPMS, etc…
  • Gyrocompasses and Inertial Navigation Systems.
  • Sensors Integration: Speed Logs, Echosounders, DGPS, AIS, Data Distribution Systems
  • Mult-sensor Land-based Surveillance Networks (Radar, AIS, Optronics, etc…) for port, coastal, national surveillance.
  • Secure AIS and W-AIS Solutions and Integrations, both standard and customised turn-key.
  • V-SAT, Inmarsat, Radio, GMDSS Communications and Integrations.
  • Automation and IPMS Solutions for vessels.
  • Internal Communications Solutions for vessels.
  • Cyber-Security Solutions for vessels.
  • ECDIS, WECDIS, and Electronic Charts management Solutions for vessels and fleets.
  • ERP software Solutions for critical processes for vessel fletes and for industry.
  • Official Service Support for main Manufacturers, with presence in Spain and Portugal’s main ports, and offering world-wide service support.

Aeromarine is representative for NORTHROP GRUMMAN SPERRY MARINE, SAAB TRANSPONDERTECH, TERMA, DSPNOR, KVH, SKIPPER, FLIR, DANELEC MARINE, ROLLS-ROYCE/MTU among others. These allow for a wide offering of high-quality products and services for Radars, Gyrocompasses, AIS, VDR, ECDIS, Automation, and GMDSS among others.

For satellite communications and airtime Solutions, Aeromarine has agreements with KVH, as well as with ZENITEL for Internal Communications.

Aeromarine works with FLIR for a wide range of on-board and land-based optronics solutions.

Regarding electronic charts requirements, Aeromarine works in collaboration with I4 Insight, from Lloyd's Register.

Aeromarine has its own Service Support Network, with presence in Spain and Portugal’s main ports, available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Additionally, Aeromarine’s Technical Office provides quality design and Technical supervision capabilities for value-added Solutions.


Aeromarine has been responsible, among others, for the following projects:

  • Delivery, Integration, Setting-to-Work, and Maintenance of Navigation and Communications solutions, including Integrated Bridge systems, on a great number of newbuild vessels for Yards such as Navantia, Freire, Murueta, Barreras, Zamakona, etc…
  • Delivery, Setting-to-Work, Integration and Maintenance of several land-based AIS Networks and Solutions, including Telefónica’s National AIS Network, Spanish Navy’s (SITMA) AIS Network, Guardia Civil (Spanish Coastguard) Secure AIS Network, Portuguese Navy’s DITIC Secure AIS Network.
  • Delivery, Setting-to-Work, Integration, and Maintenance of navalised Radar, ECDIS, W-AIS solutions on vessels of Spanish and Portuguese Navies, as well as Spanish and Portuguese Coastguard.
  • Integration of Radar Systems with Combat Management Systems, Platform Control Systems, etc…
  • Integrated Software solutions for vessel Fleets: Maintenance, Purchasing, Personnel, Quality Control, etc…
  • Cyber-Security solutions for newbuild vessels.









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