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CNC Bárcenas is a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of industrial machinery, dedicated since 2009 to the manufacture of CNC equipment (milling machines, cutting machines, laser equipment, etc.).

In 2014 we started manufacturing high performance 3D printers with a very competitive price. Our Discovery 3D Printers are adapted to the needs of Industry 4.0 for the 3D printing of final and spare parts, tooling, moulds, structures, or prototypes in any format: small, large, and extra-large.

We provide E2E customized solutions in several countries, managing ourselves technical support and maintenance.

In 2021 we started providing drone-based services, with our own flight and training facilities (43,000 m2 with a 170m flight track and hangar), using state-of-the-art UAVs.


Customized industrial CNC machinery: milling and cutting machines; CO2 and fibre laser equipment; special CNC machines for laboratories and research centres, etc.

High performance large format industrial 3D printers: Discovery 3D Printers.

Drone-based services: inspection, precision agriculture, civil works management, fire prevention and fighting, etc.


We have an installed base of more than 250 clients in several countries.

Among our references are some of the leading companies in the main industrial sectors in Spain and Europe, top-level European universities and R&D centres, along with a large number of SMEs from all productive sectors.

These are some of our clients: AIRBUS, Navantia, UROVESA, CAF, BSH Group / Gaggenau, Hitachi Energy, Renault, CIEMAT / CEDER, Fraunhofer / BTU, Ambulanz Mobile, Yebes Astronomical Centre, SILENCE Urban Mobility, UNEX Group, DRONETOOLS, Willy Naessens Group, CNIO, CETEM, University of Leuven, Politécnica de Valencia / IDF, SEGAINVEX / Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de Cádiz, Politécnica de Madrid, Grupo IMEGUISA, Grupo CUNEXT, DHV Technology, OSG Group / Vental, ETRA Air / ETRA Group, Technical Maritime Bureau, King Marine, Marine Instruments...





Dirección completa / Full address: Av. Holanda, 42. 13.300. Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)




+34 926 64 89 85


Francisco Barcenas



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