A major partner in the defense and security sector, CNIM Systèmes Industriels has been supporting armed forces since 1856. It offers a range of reliable equipment and solutions, fully tested and at the leading edge of technology for Engineering Forces.
Our products & systems :
- the Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM), is a rapidly deployable tactical bridging system dedicated to continuous or discontinuous wet gap crossing for MLC 90T/100W vehicles
-ROCUS, Unmanned Ground Vehicle for route clearance to meet the security needs of military convoys in the theater of operations
Special-purpose vehicles in support of Armed Forces. Our vehicles handle a large range of operations in the harshest conditions.

CNIM Systèmes Industriels is a key partner for military engineering units. Offering a range of tested reliable equipment and solutions at the leading edge of technology.


The Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM) is a solution dedicated to continuous or discontinuous crossing of wet gaps (lakes, rivers) for MLC 90T / 100 W class vehicles (according to STANAG 2021 standards). It can also be used for civilian operations, during natural disasters (severe floods, bridge collapse). Currently in service in the French Army, the PFM is also the tactical chosen solution of various Land Forces. In order to answer the field stakes, two configurations are available: a fixed bridge or a ferry.


In the current conflicts, IEDs are responsible for many human fatalities and the destruction of military assets. Faced with the problem of improvised explosive devices (IED), ROCUS, Route Clearance Unmanned System, supports forces by drastically reducing their exposure to threats and allowing them to carry out their mission.
Able to operate in difficult terrain, combining endurance and robustness, ROCUS, Route Clearance Unmanned System, allows threat to be inspected, confirmed and neutralized to ensure the safety of soldiers and the advance of convoys

Special-purpose vehicles

CSI designs and manufactures special-purpose vehicles in support of Armed Forces. Operational in harsh environments, our vehicles handle a large range of operations.


The Motorized Floating is in service in several countries: France, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland and will soon equip Polish forces. Proven in operational conditions, the Motorized Floating Bridge enhance tactical capabilities in military operations.

The ROCUS is in service in Ukrainian forces to improve the safety of soldiers and ensure route clearance.
Our special-purpose vehicles such as the SPRAT (Modular assault bridge) or the VTM (custom vehicle for transporting munitions) are in service in French forces.





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