DHV Technology is a Spain based international company that designs and manufactures solar panels for space applications and other power subsystems for different platforms.

DHV Technology has been providing for the last 10 years tailor-made solar arrays systems to different international companies at the same time the company has been developing different power subsystems implementing the most advanced technologies.

The company is formed by more than 100 experts led by Dr. Miguel A. Vázquez, Dr. Vicente Díaz and Francisco Rubiño.

Our facilities, with a total of 3700 m², consist of:

– 1200 m² Clean room

– 1000 m² offices

– 1500 m² warehouse and others


DHV Technology designs and manufactures high-quality power solutions for different satellite platforms:

CubeSats Power Solutions:

  • Solar Panels for CubeSats: Standard and custom solar array solutions for any kind of CubeSat platform as 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U, 12U and 16U. Deployables, cut-out areas and other customizations are also available under request.
  • Electrical Power Systems (EPS): Electrical Power Systems (EPS) designed to be integrated into different CubeSat platforms from 1U to quad deployable 16U. Deployment control, maximum power point tracking and other features available.
  • microSADA: Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) in charge of rotating the solar arrays to keep them optimally oriented with respect to the sun and providing a path for power transfer from the arrays to the CubeSat bus.

SmallSats Power Solutions:

  • Solar Panels for SmallSats: Deployable and body mounted tailor-made solar array solutions for small satellites. Our solar arrays are manufactured on PCBs or honeycomb aluminum substrates covered with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) layers, integrated sensors, etc.
  • PCDU: The Power Conditioning and Distribution System PCDU has been designed to be integrated into different SmallSats systems. This PCDU is developed to provide an efficient power supply and control for any type of mission and it is composed by a power management module and a battery module.
  • Multi-Layer Insulation Blankets (MLI): Thermal insulators conformed by multiple layers of optical and electrically conductive materials separated by thin netting spacers. MLI Blankets are fundamentals pieces in the spacecraft thermal control and critical in preserving the spacecraft from the space extreme temperatures.





Severo Ochoa 13, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía

29590 Málaga




(+)34 629 023 519 / +34 636 44 52 81


Vicente Díaz

Victor Burgos



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