With 40 years of experience and sales in more than 20 countries, FALKEN is an international leader in the manufacture of smoke devices, pyrotechnic products and non-lethal ammunition for the Armed Forces and Police and Security Forces.

We offer to European Armed Forces and Allied countries a wide range of concealment smoke solutions, for both armored vehicles and troops/areas. These smoke devices are used for operations in the battlefield or to conduct drills. We also offer all kind of training, signaling and rescue solutions. 

We offer our police clients integrated solutions for the maintenance of peace and public order through a wide range of anti-riot products that include launchers, smoke and tear gas cartridges of all calibers, hand smoke and tear gas devices, aerosols, etc

All our products are manufactured in-house and are developed in compliance with the most demanding quality standards (ISO 9001:2015, PECAL/AQAP 2110).

Since 2018, FALKEN is part of the ETIENNE LACROIX group, a recognized World leader in the pyrotechnic sector, mainly for defense. Thanks to this alliance, FALKEN can offer to the Spanish customers the range of Lacroix pyrotechnic countermeasure solutions.


  • 76MM/80MM caliber smoke devices for armoured vehicles’ concealment. Different versions for missions and drills/training (non-toxic smoke for the personnel exposed and respectful for the environment as main features).
  • Wide range of solutions and variants for troops ´concealment and signalling: smoke grenades, coloured smoke, canisters, flares, rocket parachute flares.
  • Widest range in the market for non-lethal ammunition for anti-riot missions: cartridges (tear-gas, smoke, kinetic), launchers: 37/38mm, 40mm, 54mm, 56mm, cal12.
  • Complete range of equipment for anti-riot missions: tear-gas grenades, sprays (OC, CS).
  • Non-lethal ammunition system mounted on UAV for anti-riot control: launcher and tear-gas, smoke, coloured smoke cartridges.
  • Different variants of STUN type grenades for anti-riot and special forces missions.


Our products/solutions, are currently in use among others at:

  • Spanish Armed Forces: Army (Ejército de Tierra), Navy (Armada), Air Force (Ejército del Aire y del Espacio), Emergency Military Force (UME).
  • Spanish Interior Police bodies: National Police, Guardia Civil, Police of Madrid Municipality.
  • NATO Armed Forces.
  • Allied Third Countries Armed Forces and Law Enforcement bodies.





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