MADRI+D is a public foundation established in 2002 under the Regional Government of Madrid with the objective to strengthen and coordinate Madrid Region R&D Regional System through common projects and initiatives in the units of: 1) Technology-based Entrepreneurship, 2) Technology Transfer and European Programmes, 3) Scientific Communication and 4) Quality of the Higher Education System. MADRI+D also coordinates the Madrid Regional System of Science, Technology and Innovation (madri+d system), which aims at encouraging relationships between research centres, public bodies and industrial sectors, especially SMEs, and at establishing a close-knit integrated regional area of excellence for research within the European Research Area.

Madri+d is the coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network madrid (EEN-MADRID fostering the internationalization of Madrid SMEs and Academic Institutions by providing advanced services and support on finding international investments, support on EU programmes with special efforts to the EIC Accelerator( Madri+d EIC Mentoring), offering a training programme on technology transfer, sustainability, EU programmes and Digitalization. The EEN-MADRID organizes since 2008 more than 90 brokerage events in international fairs promoting the technological cooperation among start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, scale-ups and large companies in the framework of international fairs in different sectors (Defence, pharma, Environment, ICT, Security, Transport, etc.)

madri+d promotes the creation of technology companies supporting their launch and consolidation during their first years of life. To this end, madri+d develops the following types of activities:

Ecosystem Platform: Startup Radar madri+d offers the most complete and detailed picture of Madrid Region tech ecosystem along with reports, public databases and tools for innovative startups and support entities.

Advanced acceleration services: ESA BIC Madrid Region supports technology-based entrepreneurship using technologies or infrastructures in the space sector. Started in 2015 and with a wide consortium of entities lead by ESA and Madrid Region the programme has supported 48 startups to date. Healthstart madri+d. With 80 projects supported to date and started in 2016, healthstart supports the creation of technology-based health start-ups from hospitals, health centres and research organizations in the Region.

Investment and Advisory services: BAN madri+d is a specialized business angels network that facilitates financing search to Madrid science & technology-based startups in collaboration with university and scientific institutions. The Network started in 2006 and 25+ MEuros have been invested to date. The madri+d Mentoring Network is an international reference of Mentoring for Entrepreneurs made up by experts helping innovative startups to strengthen their path to success. The Network started in 2006 and has supported 300 companies to date. With more than 500 mentors in 39 countries, the business mentor madri+d certification helps to effectively promote entrepreneurship mentoring.








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