Hisdesat Servicios Estratégicos S.A was founded in 2001 as a government satellite services operator to act primarily in the areas of defence, security, intelligence and foreign affairs. Since 2005, Hisdesat has provided secure satellite communications, satellite Earth observation and satellite maritime traffic information (AIS) services to government agencies in different countries.

Hisdesat stands out for being a company of high strategic value for the Spanish Government, with the Spanish Ministry of Defence being the reference shareholder, with advanced satellite programs that have resulted in the generation of significant industrial returns for the national space sector since its creation


Secure satellite Communications

Hisdesat has an innovative generation of satellites that provides more flexibility and security to satellite communications in the military X and Ka bands, providing ideal solutions for exclusively governmental clients, both in the military and civil areas. This governmental communication system is based on two satellites that provide communications coverage over two-thirds of the Earth.


The Spainsat NG I & II satellites will replace the current Spainsat and XTAR-EUR satellites in 2024 and 2025, respectively. They will be able to provide secure satellite communications with maximum protection against interference or other threats, including a high-altitude nuclear event, with maximum flexibility thanks to their real-time software-defined payload. Spainsat  NG will be a fundamental pillar of the secure communications of the European Union, NATO and the rest of our allies.

Earth Observation System

Hisdesat is the owner and operator of the PAZ satellite, with a very high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR), which has been providing since 2018 accurate information for multiple applications from its polar orbit around Earth.

PAZ has capacity to take more than 100 daily images of up to 25 centimetres of resolution, both day and night, and regardless of weather conditions, covering an area of more than 300,000 square kilometres per day.

PAZ, as dual-mission, provides Earth Observation capabilities for multiple purposes such as border control, intelligence, environmental surveillance, protection of natural resources, military operations, compliance with international treaties, surveillance of the earth's surface, planning of cities and infrastructures, monitoring of natural disasters and high-resolution cartography, among many others.

The AIS Satellite System

The satellite information system for maritime traffic (AIS) is managed through the agreement between Hisdesat and Spire. The 60 satellites in this constellation receive AIS signals from the more than 110,000 vessels equipped with this system in real time. The data is then relayed to ground stations, where the information is collated and prepared in accordance with the requirements of the system’s various users. Through this constellation of satellites, it is possible to know the situation of world maritime traffic in real time, offering details about the identity of the vessel, its situation, route, speed, navigation status, destination, cargo, manoeuvres, draft, length, flag, waves, rocky areas, energy consumption, etc. This information is very valuable to maritime, port, fisheries and government authorities.





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