Indra is one of the leading global engineering technology companies serving the Defense industry and a leader in the industry’s digitization. Its state-of-the-art solutions for Land, Sea and Air, Space and Cyberspace range from operations with end-to-end defense systems and systems on board the most advanced platforms to training with cutting-edge simulation systems. As an expert in radar, electronic defense, command and control and communication technologies, Indra incorporates artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and combat clouds in its cutting-edge critical systems.

Indra is the national industrial coordinator in Spain of the FCAS, the largest and most advanced defense program in Europe. Indra is the Spanish company that coordinates the largest number of projects in the European defense sector. It also participates in a large number of European and international projects, such as Eurofighter and the A400M. The company exports its radars to five continents and is the principal supplier to NATO.

Indra is a global leader in the development and implementation of latest generation radars and air, ground and amphibious operation command and control systems, as well as electronic intelligence systems, mission systems, satellite communications, onboard systems for unmanned vehicles, NRBQ systems, state-of-the-art simulators and logistical support and maintenance solutions. The company is working on the digitalization of the world’s most advanced armies and incorporating new technologies based on the use of artificial intelligence, combat clouds and virtual reality into the world of defence.
Indra participates in international European programs such as Eurofighter, A400M, NH90, Meteor and ESSOR and NATO and international ones such as ESSM, FLEPS and ACCS, among many others. It’s the Spanish coordinator of the NGWS/FCAS program, the new European air combat system, leading the Sensors pillar internationally, working as a main partner in the Combat Cloud and acting as the national leader of the two transversal pillars (Concept Study and Coherence among Pillars). It’s also the second-largest supplier of Eurofighter avionics systems and NATO’s preferred provider of deployable air defence radars. Other significant projects it is currently working on include the development and implementation of the mission system for the 8x8 Dragon vehicle, systems for the F110 frigate, the renewal of the Lanza radars for the Spanish Air Force and the modernization of the CH-47F Chinook and NH90 helicopters. Indra is also one of the European companies with the greatest presence in the RDI programs promoted by the European Union.





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