Marine Instruments is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high technology adapted to the marine environment and focused on the promotion of intelligent oceans and currently markets its products in more than 30 countries. In recent years and thanks to a strong diversification strategy, it has begun to enter other vertical markets, such as aquaculture or Security and Defence.

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of Marine Instruments business and the Spanish company works around them to develop useful technology solutions tailored to the market and customer needs with a clear focus on sustainability and smart oceans.


Marine Instruments entered fully into the Security and Defence sector in recent years as part of its diversification strategy. For this sector, the company decided to adapt and develop one of our most innovative and pioneering products, the solar-powered fixed-wing drone: the M5D-Airfox, a fixed-wing drone for different military ISR applications and missions. Its versatility, large autonomy and small size allow the use of these drones in multiple military operations, such as surveillance and security, border protection and control, natural disaster control and management, maritime search and rescue, maritime protection tasks, environmental management, animal observation, reconnaissance and ground surveillance missions, target search, etc. The M5D-Airfox is part of the Armada's Rapaz programme and the M5D-Airfox was recently awarded a two-year contract by the Ministry of Fisheries for nationwide fisheries surveillance.



The M5D-Airfox is part of the Spanish Ministry of Defense's RAPAZ Program (2 years), which adapts dual-use civilian technologies to the specific requirements of the Armed Forces.

In 2021 it performed different operational deployments on board several vessels of the Spanish Navy Armada (MCM), Guardia Civil (illegal immigration) and Customs (drug trafficking).

In September 2021 the M5D-Airfox completed the NATO REP(MUS) exercises in Lisbon.

In October 2021 the Spanish Secretary-General for Fisheries awarded the M5D-Airfox a 2-year contract for the Inspection, Surveillance and Fight against Illegal Fishing throughout the national territory.


In February the M5D-Airfox participated and successfully passed different tests in IMX'22 the world's largest unmanned maritime exercise, a biennial 18-day naval training event in the Middle East led by the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.

In April it participated in Minex'22 the largest MCM exercise held annually in the Mediterranean Sea and led by the Spanish Navy.

DYNAMIC MESSENGER'22: In September 2022 the M5D-Airfox participated aboard the OPV Audaz in the Dynamic Messenger exercises organized by NATO.

REP (MUS)'22: The Spanish Navy invited Marine Instruments to participate in these exercises to be held in September 2022.






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