Nammo is an international aerospace and defence company headquartered in Norway. With over 2.700 employees across more than 34 sites and offices in 12 countries, we are one of the world`s leading providers of ammunition and rocket motors for both military and civilian customers.


Nammo´s portfolio covers 6 main families of products:

Small Caliber Ammunition
Our extensive product range includes combat and premium projectiles, cartridge technology and commercial brands ranging from 4.6 mm to 12,7 mm ammunition. Our portfolio covers specialty ammunition such as multipurpose, armour piercing, frangible or long range, or well-known variants like regular ball, incendiary, tracer or Dim-Tracer, non-toxic or just training ammunition for use in both machine guns and sniper.

Medium Caliber Ammunition
Our wide product portfolio includes combat and training ammunition for army, navy and air force applications. We are especially proud of Nammo's programmable technology, allowing for extremely versatile capabilities in demanding and unpredictable scenarios. Other examples include armor piercing and multipurpose technology combined with regular High Explosive and training rounds. Nammo catalogue covers NATO calibers from 20mm to 57mm.

Large caliber Ammunition
Nammo provides some of the world's most advanced - and hardest hitting - large caliber ammunition. While we are perhaps best known for our extended range artillery shells, we deliver a wide range of specialty products. Nammo´s 155mm ammunition series is all about performance. The HE-ER projectile doubles conventional artillery range, rocket assisted artillery and Ramjet technologies will be able to reach further than any other 155mm product. Also, Nammo offers mortar grenades from 60mm to 120mm well-known by quality and reliability.

Aerospace Propulsion.
With experience dating back to the late 1940s, Nammo is today one of the leading companies within design, development and production of solid rocket motors for air-to-air, surface-to-air and air-to-surface applications. As an example, Nammo provides the rocket motor for missiles like AMRAAM, EVOLVED SEA SPARROW MISSILE, IRIS-T

Shoulder Fire Systems
Nammo’s shoulder fired systems offer a supreme combination of low weight and heavy firepower. Building on more than half a century of experience, today’s systems deliver a true reliable advantage to several of the world’s most advanced armed forces. With more than a million systems delivered, the M72 represents one of the most successful shoulder fired systems ever developed.

Grenades, Warheads and Energetics
In addition to ammunition and rocket motors, Nammo manufactures a range of sophisticated grenades, warheads and other specialist energetic components. Complete family of Hand Grenades, inclusive of the newest concept of scalable modules, systems for engineers like shock tube and breaching linear demolition charge and Aircraft ejector release cartridges.


As a sign to Nammo´s ability to deliver the best performing and most reliable solutions for the world´s most advanced armed forces, more than 90% of our revenues come from Europe and North America.





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