RETIA, a.s. is a leading manufacturer of radars, command and control systems, UWB location and communication systems and ReDAT Recording Systems for recording voice, screens and data.

Based in Pardubice, in the Czech Republic, it was founded in 1993, and is a part of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) and its division CSG Aerospace. RETIA develops, manufactures and modernizes products which are found in both military and civilian industries.

For special security and rescue services RETIA have developed a unique smal portable radar ReTwis 5+, which can detect people obscured by obstacles. It can detect living beings behind a wall or a non-metallic obstacle.

Our other multi-purpose product is 3D radar ReGuard which is able to detect and track ground and low-flying targets with a very small reflecting surface from a distance of several kilometers. The radar can be supplied with a fixed or rotating base and can be used for border protection, in an anti-drone system, in an air defence system, in protecting of airports or important buildings.

Our products are deployed and operational in more than 50 countries around the world.



Multi-role 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets

ReGuard radar is a multi-role 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground targets and slow low-flying targets with a small radar cross section (LSS) simultaneously.

Radar ReGuard searches space by utilizing electronic beam steering and mechanical rotation of the radar head.

  • Instrumental range 18 km, altitude coverage 3 km for LSS targets
  • Instrumental range 18 km for ground targets
  • Deployment time under 10 minutes

ReTwis 5+

Detection of persons situated behind a solid barrier

The ReTwis 5+ (RETIA Through-Wall Imaging System) is a unique small portable radar detecting living entities behind a wall or a non-metallic barrier. Thanks to its technology, the radar can detect living entities both in motion and at rest.

The signal processing of the ReTwis 5+ radar, optimized for the detection of small changes triggered human or animal movement, enables localization, for example, of a human being based only on breathing.

Small dimensions, low weight and long operation period makes ReTwis 5+ a highly portable device suitable for multi-purpose usage, for special police and military units.


  • South-East Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • North America
  • Australia





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