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TAURUS Systems GmbH (TSG) was founded in 1998 by its shareholders MBDA Deutschland GmbH of Germany and Saab Dynamics AB of Sweden.

The company acts as prime contractor and design authority for the TAURUS KEPD 350 weapon system. The expertise of TSG covers all aspects regarding the development and manufacture of stand-off weapon systems ranging from initial concept studies to fully developed, ready-to-operate integrated system solutions, such as ‘effects-based operations’. It also supports complete solutions during the whole life cycle of each weapon system.

In 2014, TSG formed a subsidiary in Korea. TAURUS Systems Korea provides TSG’s local facilities and services within the fields of program management, business development, marketing sales and maintenance as well as ongoing support of the product.


TAURUS KEPD 350 is the superior air-launched cruise missile for precision attacks against hardened and high value point and area targets. TAURUS penetrates dense enemy air defence in extreme low altitude flight and destroys the target with its highly effective two-stage warhead system. It uses a freely programmable multipurpose fuze that initiates the detonation of the penetrator at the preselected storey within the target structure using layer-counting and cavity detection. The excellent penetration capability, but also the possibility to use it against area targets makes TAURUS the weapon of choice against any high value ground target. The easy to use and highly flexible mission planning system provides all relevant information, such as the expected mission success, even before deployment.





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