The hyperrealistic terrain modeling and simulation platform

TerrainTwin is a solution that integrates the latest 3D technology and GIS open data, that enables you to familiarize with the terrain and perform multiple tests in a specific environment.

We create digital twins of a terrain to provide the best operational and logistics solutions, as well as increase the tactical advantage at the planning phase.

TerrainTwin™ is an integrated local software platform that generates the digital twin of a terrain or country using Geographic Information Systems combined with a game engine.

The platform enables effective and efficient analysis of multiple data sources (both open and proprietary) to help analysts and military personnel improve situational awareness to support decision-making.

TerrainTwin™ integrates:

  • Open Data | Representing multiple levels of reality through geographic data: from the natural environment, through the communications infrastructure, to buildings and their inhabitants.
  • Game Engine | Game engine that creates an immersive 3D environment with extraordinary ease of use.
  • Fast Implementation | Accessible through consumer-grade technology (Android and iOS devices, Windows, Linux, and macOS)


Our goal is to optimize the process steps Observation => Orientation => Decision => Act.

TerräinTwïn™ ES works both at the “connected” level and in a disconnected mode suitable for the battlefield, without the need for an Internet connection. TerräinTwïn™ ES can provide better “Situational Awareness”

 The functionality of the TerräinTwïn™ platform allows.

* integration of Open Data from many government agencies, using only free-to-use and unrestricted information which guarantees both reliability and frequency of updating that information.

* provide the information through a game engine interface so that analysts and soldiers can visualize the information easily and without cognitive load.

* maintenance, training and support of the platform with 100% of the staff based in Spain.

TerräinTwïn™ offers the advantages of being local anywhere in the national territory:

* providing a realistic view and adjusted to the position where the user is located.

* complete situational awareness of the urban environment, civil infrastructure and terrain.

TerräinTwïn™ is an elegant, simple solution, at very low cost, and with very short implementation periods.

* Elegant: the design of our platform is clear and uncomplicated.

* Simple: no glasses, goggles, or Augmented Reality ("AR") equipment is required.

* Very low cost: using devices already available to the FAS (tablets, cell phones).

* Fast implementation: we use technology that has been on the commercial market for a long time.

TerräinTwïn™ is a "Turnkey" solution and Data Santander will take the whole project from start to finish with deadlines and budgets well defined before the start.

- Data Santander S.L. uses an agile, fast, simple methodology, using open standards and open data resulting in low costs.

Leveraging data, through the use of existing technology and consumer level devices (with exponential growth processing).

No need for Augmented Reality (AR) devices.





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