UTEK is a global provider of unmanned systems. It is the European leader in the development of USV’s for different applications. It participated with the Spanish Navy and MoD in several NATO campaigns and exercises. In the air domain, the company is specialized in the development of high-speed UAV’s for air target and reconnaissance applications. In relation to the ground domain, its UGV’s provide solutions for casualty evacuation, logistics, mechanical mule or surveillance.

The key point of its designs are the high reliability and the advanced performances. The company owns the know-how associated to the unmanned capabilities not only related to on-board hardware and software but also to the Ground Control Station for mission planning, system operation and real-time reception of telemetries and payloads. On the other hand, an add value is provided in activities related to integration and test consolidating the high quality of the final result.

  • USV: Unmanned boats based in any type of commercial hull or ad-hoc designs for the required application, including surface targets. The type of propulsion depends on the user requirements. The system includes the Ground Control Station that can be portable o fixed according to final needs.
  • UAV: high speed solutions for aerial target and reconnaissance applications. Both launched by capatult and recovered with parachute or landing gear.
  • UGV: solutions based on UTV (Utiility Task Vehicles) for casualties evacuation, mechanical mule, surveillance and logistics.
  • Static surface and aerial (blimps) targets.
  • Provision of temporary services with our proprietary UXV.
  • Consultancy, engineering, and training in unmanned systems.
  • Integration and test of unmanned systems and payloads.
  • Intermediate UXV products: on board modules, Ground Control Station modules, etc.
  • Software development for control, monitorization and test in real time.


UTEK is taking part in several R&D Defence projects at national and European level: SIMBAAD Project (COINCIDENTE Program from Spanish MoD), DECISMAR Project (European Program EDIDP), USSPS Project (European Program EDIDP).

It main public clients and collaborators at national level are:

MoD, Navy, Port Authorities (Valencia, Huelva, Las Palmas, Marín…), PLOCAN, CEIT (Universidad de Navarra), Instituto Ignacio da Riva (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Institutos IMDEA (Network, Energía), Fundación Puerto de Valencia e INTA (CEHIPAR) among others.

Some of the main Spanish collaborators in the private sector are: NAVANTIA, NARWHAL BOATS, GMV, DNV, INETUM, ZAMAKONA YARDS, CITD, LEONARDO HISPANIA, TOURON and NOKIA.

At international level, UTEK signed some agreements with local companies in different countries:  MP3 INTERNATIONAL (Emirates y GCC), BLUE RIVER TRADING (Bangladesh), QINGDAO HVON BOATS (China), COCHRANE CONSULTING & LOGISTICS (Chile), ARMAN TRADERS (Pakistan), MILTECH HELLAS (Greece), DEFSYS SOLUTIONS (India).





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