CT is a European based international engineering company, with 100% Spanish capital and private, leader in technological innovation throughout the product lifecycle in a wide range of sectors: aerospace, naval, automotive, railway, energy, industrial plants and architecture.

With over 30 years of experience and 1800 engineers in 25 offices across 7 countries, and a vast expertise in Digitalization for engineering, CT joins its customers across the entire digital transformation process.

The company operates in the aeronautical, naval and land defense sectors, collaborating in the main national and European defense programs, such as NGWS/FCAS. As a preferred E2S, ME3S and CS provider for AIRBUS worldwide, CT participates in the main AIRBUS D&S programs.

In the naval area, CT is a reference supplier for Navantia. Experts in Life Cycle Engineering and a NATO cataloguing company, it has participated in various frigates, submarines and large amphibious assault and logistic support ships.

In the land field, CT is TIER1 for GDELS SBS, offering support in their VCZAP CASTOR and VCR 8x8 DRAGON vehicles, among others. CT also develops in-house solutions in simulation, training and logistics management areas.


  • LAB-METOC, a Decision Support Platform to assess the impact of environmental conditions for conducting critical activities, risk assessment, and crisis management.
  • Software solutions that integrate di­fferent technologies, models and languages.
  • AR and VR applications for maintenance 4.0 and advanced training.
  • Real-time training simulator.


CT has led numerous European research projects related to Industry 4.0, many of which are producing proprietary solutions in the areas of simulation, training and logistics management.

CT joins its customers and partners in all aspects of their digital transformation process, including:

  • Data intelligence, which allows data management through artificial intelligence.
  • Self-calibration of sensors and sensorization of systems.
  • Generation of digital twins applied to systems and processes.
  • Analysis and predictive maintenance.
  • Generation of visualization environments that allow an optimal use of information management.
  • Automation of processes and environments.
  • Operational decision support platforms based on MBSE methodology.





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