Orbital Critical Systems is part of CAF Group, a multinational group with over 100 years of experience in the supply of comprehensive transit solutions positioned at the forefront of technology for high value added sustainable mobility.

Orbital CS provides its clients with the most advanced products, technology and solutions for safety critical systems engineering for aeronautical, space and rail sectors. Our engineers are experts in certification and implementation of processes and standards that guarantee the quality and reliability of the projects in which we work.

Orbital Critical Systems has become a leader in safety critical systems and all its full life-cycle: design, development, verification, validation, certification and maintenance of hardware, software and systems.

Our own products, tools and solutions make us a competitive and productive company highly demanded by the market, offering significant reductions in time-to-market and cost on projects framed within specific quality and certification standards. Our experience in the certification ((DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-160, ARP4754, ARP4761, ECSS, CENELEC 50126, 50128, 50129 etc)  makes our participation in projects a great asset.


A400M DASS Safety Management Unit (SMU)

Within the A400M program, Orbital assumed the design, development, certification and complete manufacturing Project of the Safety Management Unit for the DASS (Defensive Air Sub-System) of the A400M for the Luftwaffe fleet.

The main function of this on-board equipment is to provide the signals required to manage the inhibition of laser emissions form the DIRCM system to the rest of the DASS system. The DIRCM system is in charge of neutralizing possible missile attacks with an infrared beam guidance.


Within the scope of the Airbus A330 MRTT Project, Orbital is responsible for the design, development, certification and manufacture of an aeronautical standard video signal conversion system. In this Project, the device is designed to convert the HDSDI 1080x30fps type video signal to a DVI-D 1080x60fps signal.

Orbital develops and delivers a minimum of 7 units to the Royal Australian Air Force, for its A330 MRTT fleet.


  • HW/SW INTEGRATION. To provide physical support to the software systems developed, the company has a department of hardware experts. Counting on the laboratory facilities of the offices that Orbital has in Madrid, MIMETS, a platform of test bench projects used mainly in space or electronic warfare missions, has been developed. The test benches created by Orbital have been used for cutting-edgemissions such as ExoMARS or VEGA launcher
  • MIMETS. It arises from the need to support the certification and acceptance activities of the different critical systems. It is a multi-platform system that can be integrated in any HW device in a simple way with Python or C++. It has a modular and scalable design, which opens the way to different test configurations. Due to its open HW/SW architecture, MIMETS can be re-used to provide support and maintenance to developed simulations.

Main Projects:

  • VEGA PLATFORM. MIMETS has been used for tests on the multifunctional unit of the VEGA space launcher. Is has been designed with own Orbital products such as FIT (Flexible Infrastructure for Test), to be able to interconnect more than one protoboard.
  • ExoMARS PLATFORM. Orbital developed the test bench of the On-Board Computer of the Descent module for the ExoMARS Project. Thanks to the adaptable architecture, the test bench was designed so the test could be automatically performed.
  • FLEX FLORIS. The FLEX FLORIS Project arises as the need to control the photosynthetic activities, through the use of vegetation fluorescence maps. Orbital participated in the development of five UT (Unit Tester) to certificate and validate each unit, as well as the whole system for the complete life cycle of the Project. The use of MIMETS eases the virtual execution of test.
  • EWS-STTE C295. Orbital developed a test bench which implements a system capable of the verification and monitorization of any configuration of the Electronic Warfare suite.
  • The SpainSat Project is a military and governmental Spanish communication satellite, which allows telecommunications between the Spanish Armed Forces. MIMETS was used for power line switchboard certification.


  • A400M PROGRAMME. The A400M is the most advanced long-range military transport aircraft to date. It combines several state-of-the-art technologies of the 21st century with the aim of satisfying the air transport needs of the countries adhering to the program.
  • A330 MRTT PROGRAMME. The Airbus A330 MRTT is an Airbus Military programme which converts the civil model (A330) into a tanker plane to complete air-to-air refuelling missions.
  • EUROFIGHTER PROGRAMME. The Eurofighter Typhoon programme comes out for the European need to modernize the Air Forces.
  • Clean Sky 2 PROGRAMME. The Airbus C295 is an Airbus Military programme capable of successfully carrying out a wide range of missions, such as dropping loads and paratroopers, medical evacuation and logistics and tactical transport.


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